Trump calls for a new trial for Roger Stone; threatens to sue over Mueller investigation

As a group of federal judges plan to hold an emergency meeting in wake of Billy Barr intervening into the Roger Stone case, Trump appears to have called for a new trial for Roger Stone. Trump also tweeted that if he wasn’t president, he would sue everyone ‘all over the place’ who was connected to the Mueller investigation because its findings were “badly tainted.”

This is what Trump drained his brain on:

It’s unclear on what grounds the president could sue over Mueller’s findings, which were released by the Justice Department last April.

Trump, appearing to refer to the Stone case, tweeted it was conducted by “Mueller prosecutors,” though only two of the four prosecutors on the case worked for the former special counsel. The president also inaccurately claimed that Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election was “illegally set up” based in part on a dossier of salacious allegations about him.

Trump also repeated his claim that Mueller came to the White House seeking the FBI director’s job, a topic the former special counsel addressed in his 448-page report last year. 

The Hill:

And of course, the Orange Buffoon had to weigh in on the Democratic Primary race:

Who should be the next senator from California?

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