Study: Lancet Journal shows that the question isn’t “How do you pay for Medicare for All?” but “How do you pay to NOT have Medicare for All?”

The Lancet Journal is one of the oldest and most-respected peer-reviewed medical journals in the world.

It’s a video but I’ll break down the stats:

Health Care Expenditure per Capita: The USA is the highest in the world
Number of US Citizens without Health Insurance: >37,000,000
How much Medicare for All would save the USA per annum: $450,000,000,000USD

Number of American lives that Medicare for All would save per annum: >68,000

The correct question to be asked is “What will you do with the more than $450 BILLION surplus every year?” – A nice problem to have.

Link to article in The Lancet Journal: (You’ll have to register to read it but it’s free).

Article submitted by, Avro Arrow.