German man crashes car into crowd at Carnival parade, injuring dozens

A German man has driven a vehicle into a crowd of Carnival revelers, injuring dozens of people, a third of them children. Authorities have arrested the main suspect, saying the incident was likely a "deliberate act."

At least 30 people were injured on Monday after a man drove into a crowd in “a deliberate act” at a Carnival parade in the German town of Volkmarsen, police said.


The total number of seriously injured was seven, […] roughly a third of all those wounded were children.

A 29-year-old driver of the vehicle was detained at the scene, along with a second person who filmed the incident— it is not clear if he has been detained as a suspect or as a witness.

What happened in Volkmarsen?

A man rammed a silver Mercedes at high speed into people who were celebrating the Rose Monday carnival in Volkmarsen[…]

Police exploring all possible motives

Police […] are investigating an “attempted homicide” but have not called it an attack, although the Hesse interior ministry is not ruling this out.

“The background to the incident is still unclear and I ask that there should be no speculation about possible motives. This is the time for the investigators […]

What do we know about the driver?

[…] a local from the town and was known to police in connection with other offences […] was not known […] as an extremist

Germany responds […]


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