Christian pastor: I plan to ‘curse’ the coronavirus and ‘make it disappear’ from America!

Evangelical pastor and die-hard Trump supporter Rodney Howard-Browne behind Trump’s right shoulder

NU††ER WA†CH 2020

Evangelical pastor Rodney Howard-Browne is confident that he purged Florida of the Zika virus and now he appears convinced that he can make the Coronavirus disappear — in the U.S. anyway — because he can’t be responsible for the rest of the world. Howard-Browne has made other interesting comments in the past, including that Trump is “too nice to Democrats” and should “get meaner.” He’s also had some uncomplimentary words for John Bolton, whom he described as a “clown walrus Warhawk.”

“And we disturbed it, declared we cursed that thing in the name of Jesus and Zika disappeared. We are doing the same thing with the Coronavirus. We do not need it on these shores, and obviously — somebody said ‘Well what about the rest of the world?’ I can’t be responsible for every city or whatever.”


Howard-Brown is also known for saying things like the Vegas shooting of 2017 that killed 58 people was a false flag operation, chemtrails and weather manipulation are real, and the people that rule the planet are Satanists who perform human sacrifices and drink blood. 

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