Throwback Thursday: ‘Tell it Like it is’

I had to listen to this song from Sacramento to Los Angles with a two year old in the back seat belting out the vocals and a newborn; I love this song but wanted to throw that tape (dating me) out the window but he loved this song and sang it for 350+ miles to my aunt’s house.

So, here’s my throwback: 30 years and some change on this day, I gave birth to that young man, my first child. He has now moved back home because well, mistakes “I know I’ve made a few but in this world, I’m only human, you’ve made mistakes too…..oooohhh, I’m cryin'” …Can’t put the rest of this there because to be called ‘baby’ is a term of endearment and respect. I call her Lunatic or La Diavola.

The greatest vocalists in my life, seriously. I just watched the Linda Ronstadt documentary the other night at my mother’s urging and it was very good. She had a such great voice and was one of the two^^^^ who had so much influence on my world. But, Tracks of My Tears was my favorite.

So…throw it back; don’t feel vulnerable doing so. We’re family.

Happy birthday, figlio! It will work out!

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