MAGAts clash with Democrats at golf cart parade for Trump

“This is a brain-washed cult here and our country is going down the drain,” she said. “We have a pervert, a lying piece of garbage for president, and we need to get rid of him.”

Emotions ran raw, insults were hurled back and forth at least one fight almost broke out between Republicans and Democrats during a pro-Trump golf cart parade late Sunday afternoon.

Democrats supporting Joe Biden had set up on both sides of the roadway and name-calling went back and forth as golf carts decorated with Trump signs drove by. Democrat Sharon Sandler, of the Village of Buttonwood, called many of those Trump supporters Nazi lovers, which didn’t set well with one resident who slammed on his brakes and jumped out of his golf cart to confront her.

Sunday’s parade included more than 650 golf carts, which is a record for Villagers for Trump parades. It marked the second year in a row club members have honored the president on his birthday and Flag Day.

“Look at the stock market, employment, every minority is better off in employment.”

Some Random MAGAt.

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Some other MAGAt shouted, “White Power!” from his ‘tricked out’ golf cart.

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