Free Chat Friday, Week 25

Juneteenth, Temple University Design

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and we’ve had another chaotic circus of a week viewing news. In fact, at this point none of what we hear is “News”, it feels like “Olds” — shocking lies no longer shock; rampant bigotry; abuses of power,secrets, lies, propaganda, a president risking Civilian lives; a President and his cabinet who risk National Security; a Constitution which is completely disregarded, in fact irrelevant; taxpayer money wasted on overblown salaries, family trips and lavish dinners; tell all books full of the already told; and above all Treason. Treason by a president against our country, treason by a Republevangical Party which has hijacked the Senate and Treason by a justice department and AG giving it all a legal stamp of approval.

Against our daily shock-fest of 24/7 overblown news coverage, the virus trudges on, jumping from nice warm exhales to nice warm inhales, enjoying the fact that here, we do what we want and let the chips fall where they may.

Of course, there are moments, transformative ones, as we navigate this strange time– let’s chat about it all, ya wanna? The good, the bad and the ugly, nothing is off limits unless it is; nothing is irrelevant, everything matters and no topic is what the topic is. Got that? So what’s going on in your neck of the woods? Whatever it is and wherever you are, let’s talk about it. . . . .