Trump claims protesters are plotting to destroy Jesus Christ statues while pushing crackdown on vandalism!


President Trump vowed Wednesday to put a stop to the vandalization of monuments honoring the Confederacy and other racist structures, fretting that effigies of Jesus Christ will otherwise be next.

“I think many of the people that are knocking down the statues don’t even have any idea what the statute is, what it means, who it is when they knocked it down,” Trump said during an unrelated press conference in the White House Rose Garden with Polish President Andrzej Duda, the first foreign leader to visit Washington since the coronavirus pandemic began.

“Now they are looking at Jesus Christ, they are looking at George Washington, Thomas Jefferson … Not going to happen, not going to happen.”

Trump said he would sign a “very strong” executive order to punish those that deface monuments, even though it’s already a crime.

There have been no reports of Jesus statues being taken down or disfigured during the recent protests.

Later on when asked for clarification on Trump’s remarks, a White House spokesman said  it came from a Shaun King tweet. 

NY Daily

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