Woman in viral racist videos struck by fire dept. truck, ‘life-threatening’ injuries

Rachel Dawn Ruit of Terry’s Gap Road in Henderson County NC suffered life-threatening injuries after being struck by an Asheville Fire Department pickup truck July 13 in West Asheville, according to police and a witness.”I just witnessed the same lady from that video accidentally step out into traffic on Patton Avenue, going towards downtown Asheville, as she was walking with traffic coming from behind her,” Rowell posted on Facebook. “The Asheville Fire Department truck that you see in the background is the vehicle that she stepped out in front of.”

Ruit, 41, was arrested July 4 after she ripped off a woman’s hijab and grabbed a teenager in the groin after saying she needed to be “put down” and threatening to rape her.

Rachel Dawn Ruit is best know for her racist video rants and other unbecoming behavior. 

Citizen Times

Watch her in action.

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