Free Chat Friday, Week 31

Happy Friday News Viewers, What can be said about a week more insane than last week? We got to see more than we wanted to through the glasses of Coronavirus, and WOW, do these glasses improve the eyesight. Because clear as day, we see the crack in the psyche of Americans. Some of us know what’s best, that’s all and nobody’s gonna tell US what do to…….

Imagine, if you will, a strange world in which I sound like Rod Serling….😷😜 Exhibit A this week in the Scene we see clearly— Gohmert and Cain, who backed the wrong Orange Ass and wore no masks, dove into a virus pool and guess what? Got COVID, no doubt gave COVID, and sent a whole crowd of people running around, trying to find masks and tests and hand sanitizer…..

What is this streak we’re seeing in people, a streak of what……denial? Hero worship? Delusions? stupidity? Idiocracy? All we know for certain is that COVID has caused a laser focus on a country in trouble— with Trump as a catalyst along with his alt-right administration and science along with the ability to look reality in the eye, (even when that reality is tough to take) as it’s salvation.

I say we talk about it today, on Friday’s free chat— what better reality to be faced with than that of a country growing up and shedding stupid? So what’s going on in your corner of the universe? Here in the holler, the land of “we don’t need no stinking masks”, Life goes on even when the internet goes off— another reality we see so clearly now, tech looms large in some good, some awful ways…….. so chat away NV Community—lots to talk about…..