Trump is Trying to Lure Biden Into a Tax Trap

With the executive order Trump signed on Saturday to suspend payroll taxes and rewrite the tax code, the dotard is attempting to lure Democratic nominee Biden into embracing middle-class tax increases if he is elected.

Biden is not biting. In fact, Biden used the opportunity to defend Social Security as a way to appeal to seniors, by calling Trump’s actions the “first shot in a new, reckless war on Social Security.”

In context, Biden said in 2019 he would repeal Trump’s tax cuts, but he has been more nuanced since then. Trump will likely try to force Biden to take a position on the payroll tax cut that could be unpopular, with Trump allowing those making $100,000 or less to get used to it.

Repealing tax cuts is harder once voters get used to them. Obama was set to scrap the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and ended settling on making them permanent for those making less than $450,000.

Biden isn’t opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy — he told Wall Street donors as much in June. But he’s never said he’d raise middle-class taxes.

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