The Racist and Sexist in Chief pitches fair housing repeal to ‘suburban housewife’ with racist tropes

Trump tends to think that only white, unemployed women, whom he calls ‘housewives,’ occupy our suburbs. His tweet only provides us with more evidence on on his racism and sexism. Women HAVE TO work these days. Stay at home moms are very rare because it takes two incomes (or more) to support a family. Furthermore, not only people of color live in low income housing but, that doesn’t stop Trump from tweeting out a blatant racist and sexist tweet.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted out how ‘his decision to scrap an Obama-era rule meant to quash racial discrimination would win the support of suburban women afraid of living near low-income housing projects, channeling decades of racist attacks on such developments.’

Trump’s tweet is his latest attempt to draw from decades of racist opposition to housing desegregation efforts and low-income housing projects into support for his reelection bid.

Cory Booker replied back and also corrected the Racist and Sexist in Chief’s misspelling of his name.

Trump also claimed he’s leading in the polls in swing states; he’s not.

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