Barr sees no inherent racism in the Murican justice system

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In the at times contentious interview, the attorney general defended law enforcement officers against accusations of excessive force, arguing that rather than being motivated by race, an officer may be “scared for his life and is in a situation where a half a second can mean the difference between his life and his death, and he’s wrestling with somebody.”  “They sometimes may do things that appear in hindsight to be excessive,” Barr asserted, but he cautioned that “it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s racism.”

But though Barr asserted that “I don’t think there are two justice systems,” for Black and white Americans — an accusation made by Blake’s father when pointing to the treatment of his son versus that of Rittenhouse — he acknowledged what he said “appears to be a phenomenon in the country where African Americans feel that they’re treated when they’re stopped by police frequently as suspects before they are treated as citizens.”

As far as police reform goes, while Barr explained that “there’s more progress being made and more reform,” he appeared satisfied with where the institution is now, praising reforms made over the past six decades.


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