John Durham Investigation Includes FBI Handling of Clinton Foundation

John Durham who is investigating the FBI’s handling of the Russia investigation, is apparently also investigating the agency’s handling of the Clinton Foundation investigation.

Durham was appointed by Bill Barr to oversee if the FBI violated laws or policies regarding the Trump campaign ties to Russia. It’s suggested by the Durham team that there is a “comparison” between how the FBI investigated Trump’s team and the Clinton Foundation.

In 2016 ahead of the election, justice officials denied the FBI authorization to investigate the Clinton Foundation, citing lack of evidence and close proximity to the election. In 2018, the FBI began investigating whether donors to the Clinton Foundation were promised favors or access to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and whether tax exempt funds were misused. The foundation complied with subpoenas in 2018.

In November 2019, a judge ruled that Trump must pay $2 million in damages for the misuse of funds from the Trump Foundation. A fundraiser for veterans was promised the proceeds would be distributed to charities, but the foundation improperly misused $2.82 million for the Trump campaign.

The Trump Foundation was shut down, and the Trump children had to undergo training to ensure this type of illegal activity did not occur again.


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