Last Call: 10-03-20

Goooooooood evening, News Viewers. Thirty more days to the election, providing one candidate lives and the other stays healthy. It’s been a hell of a week in COVID-19 news culminating with the announcement that Trump, his wife, and several people in his orbit have all tested positive for the virus. Nothing says ‘hoax’ or ‘it will magically disappear’ better than being airlifted to Walter Reed Medical Center. Everything is so weird this year….a year like no other.

But enough of him, seriously; I’m over the reality TV bullshit we’re living and I just want it to end. I want that to ‘magically disappear’ RAPIDLY. So, VOTE! Just VOTE.

On that note: If your state requires you to vote in person or has done whatever they can to make voting more difficult, VOTE ANYWAY!!! Don’t get discouraged. But, take your cell phone with you if you have to go to the polls.

If Trump’s Brownshirts show up there and engage in their normal bullshit, film them while simultaneously calling the police. Poll watching is legal; voter intimidation is not.

Here’s a good link from the Brennan Center of Justice that addresses Dirty Tricks. It also addresses RW bogey men, like ballot harvesting, that wing nuts love to spew on about but they really don’t understand the concept and conflate it with “illegal and illegitimate absentee ballot tampering.” Don’t pay any attention to them because they speak out their asses and don’t really get how things work. They’re a big part of the problems in this country and definitely NOT the solutions for fixing them. Their list of screw-ups from just this year, alone, are too numerous to list.

Anywaaaaaay, enjoy the rest of the weekend. Stay safe and stay healthy. Also, stay away from anywhere Trump and his orbit might have been. But most of all: MASK UP! Be a part of the solution versus a huge part of the problem.

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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