Church Altar Removed and BURNED After Priest And Dominatrices Had Sex On It!


Amid news that a Pearl River priest was caught recording himself in group sex with two dominatrices on his church altar, an enraged Archbishop Gregory Aymond on Friday characterized the priest’s actions as “demonic” and said he had the altar burned.

“It is a very tough time right now to be a Catholic in the Archdiocese of New Orleans to say the least,” Aymond said in a video message addressed to parishioners and posted on the archdiocese’s website, in response to questions from WWL television. 

“Many people feel anger, betrayal and disappointment, and I feel the same way, as do my brother priests,” he said. “What has happened concerning Pat Wattigny and Travis Clark is unacceptable. It’s sinful, and it cannot be tolerated. Let me be clear: Both were removed from ministry immediately and will never serve again in Catholic ministry.”

Here’s what got the good Archbishop hot under the collar:

On September 30 a complainant reported seeing two women in high heels and corsets on the altar with Reverend Clark, wielding sex toys. Stage lights were set up, as was a cellphone and camera, both mounted on tripods. The three were having sex on the altar. See the previous discussion here.

The Archbishop was also referring to this:

The Rev. Pat Wattigny sexually abused a minor in 2013. More recently Wattigny sent a male student a series of text messages that constituted “grooming”. He was fired earlier this year.

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