Trump Posts Video to Mask-Shame Lesley Stahl

Trump Reportedly Stormed Out of 60 Minutes Interview

President Donald Trump posted a five-second clip of a maskless Lesley Stahl on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon — and teased “much more to come” as if this were the first in a series of political opposition research dumps. The highly decontextualized video showed the 60 Minutes reporter smiling and and having an inaudible conversation with two men wearing masks.

In something of a campaign season tradition, CBS News’ 60 Minutes plans to air long interviews with both presidential candidates — and their respective running mates — this coming Sunday, just nine days before Election Day.

But the hit on Stahl for apparently violating CDC guidelines — which the president has done routinely — strongly suggested the White House was attempting to do pre-emptive damage control. And CNN White House correspondents reported that the Trump abruptly ended the interview with Stahl after 45 minutes and refused to return for a planned walk-and-talk session with Vice President Mike Pence, suggesting he was unhappy with the direction Stahl’s interview had taken.


Then there was this weirdness.

Full disclosure, I have no idea if this has been photoshopped or not.

It’s not the first time Trump has used blank paper as a prop. Here he is “working” when he was at Johns Hopkins.

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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