Potluck Politics: Keith Olbermann vs. Trump

Former ESPN and MSNBC host Keith Olbermann has released the first of a three pre-election Opus series right before the general election. “The countdown, so to speak, is over! You know: the countdown with Keith Olbermann ;-)”

Although our highly esteemed and intelligent News Views Community already knows all of this, but it bears repeating and reminding us of all the atrocities that occurred during this (mis)administration. Pass it on…tell a friend or your crazy Uncle Joe, definitely your crazy Uncle Joe but, good luck with all that.

I really don’t have a format for this new endeavor, so consider this a form of a Free Chat thread but keep it to politics or something related to politics, please. Perhaps, post some of the news we might have missed or something that you found interesting and want to share with the Community.



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