Trump and Joe Biden pen OpEds to Fox ‘News’

Four days before the election, both Trump and Joe Biden wrote OpEds published on Fox ‘News.’ Joe Biden’s OpEd focused on the ‘coronavirus and rebuilding the country’ while Trump’s focused on ‘safety and prosperity.’

An excerpt of JB’s OpEd:

Joe Biden: I want your vote to become your next president — here’s what I will do for you and our nation

On Day One, I’ll mount an aggressive approach to control this virus and get us back to our lives

Across our nation today, there are nearly 230,000 empty chairs at dining room tables, where just weeks or months ago loved ones sat and talked and laughed. There are 30 million Americans feeling the sting of a lost job or lost wages — 10 million who’ve had the peace of mind of health coverage taken away.

Parents are struggling to teach their kids at home — often while balancing their own jobs — because there is no comprehensive plan to reopen our schools safely.  

One in five small business owners forced to shutter their dreams. Cars stretched for miles in town after town, filled with proud families pushed to the brink — waiting in line, for the first time in their lives, for meal assistance. Last goodbyes to parents delivered through PlexiGlas. Opportunities to pray together and place them in the hands of God confined to a laptop screen.  

Read the entire OpEd at the link above.

Trump’s OpEd:

Donald Trump: Reelect me and I will continue to deliver safety, prosperity and opportunity for all Americans

A vote for me is a vote for jobs, safety, rule of law, lower taxes, protection of your Second Amendment, and freedom.

Four years ago, Americans elected me president to go to Washington, drain the swamp and produce real results for them. Now they have a choice: continue the record of prosperity that my administration delivered or return to the old Washington status quo, where Beltway insiders enriched themselves at the expense of hardworking Americans across the country.

Blah, blah, blah…MAGA!

Read Trump’s repeated nonsense from the link above.

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