MAGAts swarm a Biden Bus in Texas; campaign event cancelled for security reasons

A Trump Train swarmed a Biden Bus on I-35 between San Antonio and Austin Friday afternoon, leading the Democrats on board, including congressional candidate Wendy Davis, to call 911 and cancel the Austin close of their “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” tour.

On Saturday evening, President Donald Trump tweeted his delight.

According to Biden’s Texas campaign, a Biden-Harris campaign bus was heading north on I-35 Friday afternoon on its way from San Antonio to a 2:30 drive-by event with supporters at Texas State University in San Marcos, followed by a 4:30 “closing argument” press conference at the Texas AFL-CIO headquarters in downtown Austin, when a number of vehicles with Trump signs and flags surrounded the bus trying to slow it down in the middle of the highway or run it off the road.

Biden staff notified 911 and local law enforcement, and, they reported, local law enforcement helped the bus to reach its Austin destination.

A few days before the campaign events, Don Jr. posted a video encouraging his father’s deplorable supporters to ‘have some fun.’

Rafael Anchía, a member of the Texas House of Representatives, said some of the agitators had been carrying weapons.

“Armed Trump trolls harassing Biden Bus on I-35, ramming volunteer vehicles & blocking traffic for 40 mins,” he tweeted.

“At least the Trump hearse is appropriate given the 200K+ Americans who have died due to his incompetence,” he added, referencing a vehicle driven by Mr Trump’s supporters to antagonise the bus.

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