Trump-loving pastor who blamed COVID-19 on fornication dies from COVID-19!

“God may be using this as a wake-up call,” Irvin Baxter once said of the coronavirus


Irvin Baxter had recently appeared on the “Jim Bakker Show,” where he preached about “the sin of fornication” before marriage and claimed that the pandemic was God’s way of giving us all “a wake-up call.” (You can watch the clip from the show, which was captured by Right Wing Watch, at the bottom of this post).

“I was thinking, as I was putting all this together in my mind, about the sin of fornication. I thought about fornication and I did a little research. There are 7.5 million couples living together in the United States, this is not worldwide, just in America. 7.5 million couples. That means 15 million people that are living together unmarried. And that’s increased over the last 10 years by 138%. Now, in addition to that — I hope this research is not correct, but I got it straight from the encyclopedia — it says that 5% of new brides in America now are virgins. That means 95% have already committed fornication!” Baxter said in the clip.

“If we think we can just ignore God and live a sinful lifestyle, well, we cannot do it. You know, I believe in what you’re saying, that God may be using this as a wake-up call,” he said. “This coronavirus may be a privilege, because I’ll tell you right now, there’s a much bigger judgment coming. It’s in the Bible.”

Baxter’s co-host David Robbins said: “Irvin went on to his great reward.”

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