It’s 5:00 Somewhere

The clock does say 5:00 here, but let’s talk about time for a few minutes. (See what I did there?)

We follow time with clocks, calendars and moons, and still a true concept of time eludes us.

It’s hard to define, and its consistency is rare.  It’s invisible and yet we are aware of it, but can never seem to accurately measure it.

With endless phrases about time, such as “it seems like only yesterday” and “time waits for no one” or “buying time,” there is no true uniformity, reason or pattern to a definition.

But what we can say about the last four years of our lives? Was it a waste of time? Were we caught in a time-warp?

As we pause at the beginning of an end, as we are “Biden our time” for a different phase of leadership, it seems high time for some down time. We’ve undoubtedly had a hard time getting restful sleep for some time now.

We could all use a little time out.

The time is ripe for a moment of celebration that we can see the last four years in our rearview mirror. It’s about time!!

So for the time being, grab your glasses and raise them up, time’s a-wastin’ — It’s 5:00 somewhere. Cheers!