Parler Is Top App As Conservatives Flee Facebook and Twitter

Social media platform Parler is being flooded with wingnuts who are looking for a “free speech” right-wing echo chamber.

Parler has drawn Trump supporters who have been claiming censorship on Twitter and Facebook for misinformation, including Ted Cruz, Devin Nunes, Sean Hannity, and Eric Trump.

Trump campaign advisor Katrina Pierson said last Friday that Trump joining Parler would make Twitter “irrelevant,” saying CEO Jack Dorsey “couldn’t interfere with the election or censor Trump supporters anymore” while also promoting her own profile.

Dan Bongino, conservative host and Parler investor, was making his pitch on Twitter for new users to have patience with the app as problems arose with a flood of new downloads.

Unfiltered free speech still has its consequences as evidenced by the resignation of an Arkansas police chief who demanded “Death to all Marxist Democrats” in a Parler post.


Washington Post

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