Once Enthusiastic, Americans’ ‘Cooking Fatigue’ Simmers As Pandemic Drags On

Pleeez no more sourdough bread

Months into the coronavirus pandemic, the initial novelty of whipping up more homemade meals is fading.

Earlier this year, people busied themselves with batches of sourdough and banana bread. Americans bought groceries like never before, and embraced the chance to dabble in elaborate cooking projects.

Now, it looks like many are losing steam. Katie Workman, a chef and writer behind the recipe website The Mom 100, says “cooking fatigue” is real.

“Even people who really really like to cook are feeling the wear and tear” of prepping three meals every day, whether you’re cooking for a family or solo, Workman says in an interview with NPR’s Weekend Edition.

Workman thinks people are getting burnt out in part because the pleasure of cooking food for friends and family or hosting dinner parties is gone — a void she can empathize with.


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