Gunz, Southern Style, Father, Son Shoot Each Other Dead in Alabama

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ala. – Chief investigator for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Blake Richardson, says Nicholas Coker, 32, allegedly started shooting at four of the family dogs after one of them started messing with his girlfriend’s young child.

One of the two dogs shot belonged to his father, Kelvin.

Kelvin didn’t like that

He said, “I’m gonna get that boy”

Moments later 60-year-old Kelvin James Coker,60, pulled up to his son’s home in his truck and a confrontation started. 

“Nicholas pointed his shotgun at his father and his father then… who was seated in his vehicle drew his handgun, fired a shot and struck Nicholas.”

Nicholas, who was shot in the torso, allegedly fired back with his shotgun striking his father in his neck and killing him. 

◾️ After Nicholas shot the dogs, his brother said, Pa’s not going to like that.

◾️ Nicholas reportedly pointed the shotgun at his brother and told him to get off the property, or else.

◾️ County Police said they have been out to the property several times over the years over violent incidents.

◾️ Deputies were there last week over another incident.

◾️ In 2012 the father shot his other son 3 times in his arm.

FOX 10

Nickolas Coker’s girlfriend has a different version of the shooting.

According to Ariel Anderson, it all started when her daughter was almost attacked by some of the family dogs outside their home. She told Nic of the near attack and he decided to shoot the dogs to save the child from future potential harm. Ariel continued saying, “What I heard and saw there is no way Nic shot his dad. His dad just showed up angry and for whatever reason did not ask any questions, if he would have he probably would have agreed, but he was just angry and shot Nic then shot himself. There was no time for an argument, it happened in seconds…”

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office maintains that their version is correct.


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