Free Chat Friday, Week 2

Friday AGAIN? Last Friday we were trying to make sense of a “riot” which became an insurrection, premeditated, planned, complete with a violent mob, complicit law enforcement and accessories in the Legislature. Since then, the story has been unfolding, and it’s an ugly one of greed for power and service to self, and it’s also a great one, of truth seeking and recognizing what we value most. . . .

We’re living through it all while on lockdown, while not traveling, while separated from family and friends in other states, countries; On lockdown, we’re waiting for vaccines, we’re waiting for Joe and Kamala to be sworn in, we’re waiting for those from the top down to be tried, jailed, fined, and given community service– (consisting of a full year of two classes: Civics and Truth vs Propaganda: How to tell the Difference…… SO, while we wait. . .. …let’s talk–what’s going on in your world?

Its FCF, so what’s on your mind? It’s been a wild week, but the comments here in the neighborhood of NewsViews save my spirit, because funny is never far away. Let’s freely chat and chat freely, anything goes and everything stays (you know, unless it doesn’t 😁😂)