‘Trump Baby’ blimp that followed him across the world acquired by British museum

The 20-foot “Trump Baby” blimp that has traveled across the world in protest of President Trump and his administration will be retired to a British museum as he leaves office.

The massive balloon, depicting the U.S. leader as a diaper-clad baby holding a cell phone, has made appearances at protests in numerous cities over the past several years. It will now be displayed in the Museum of London.

“London has always been an open, ever-evolving polyglot city. A haven for knowledge, tradition and controversy and over thousands of years we have played host to many a historic protest,” Museum of London Director Sharon Ament said in a statement Monday.

Ament said that displaying the blimp can help “capture a particular moment of resistance — a feeling still relevant today as we live through these exceptionally challenging times — that ultimately shows Londoners banding together in the face of extreme adversity.”

The Trump Baby team said they hope the balloon’s place in the museum will serve as “a reminder of the politics of resistance that took place during Trump’s time in office.”

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