A Quick Review of Trump’s Terrible Legacy

The good people at The Lincoln Project made a little video reviewing some of the bigly numbers of Trump’s presidential legacy.  Behold:

Since Republicans will now use National Debt fearmongering to try to fight every Biden Policy Agenda moving forward, I think something needs to be said about Trump’s national debt legacy:

  • Trump said he would reduce the national debt, said it would be easy.
  • We’ve added 7.8 trillion to the national debt under Trump.
  • National debt is now just under 28 trillion, about 23,500 bucks per American.
  • Only Abe Lincoln (fighting a civil war) and Dubya Bush (Afghan and Iraq wars, Bush tax cuts) raised the debt at a faster rate than Trump (who had no expensive wars to fight).
  • Our debt to GDP ratio is now the highest it’s been since the end of WW2.

Now that this particular horror show has passed, many of us feel like a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders.  Well, guess what?  Our friends at TLP also made a short video about that wonderful post-Trump feeling we have and the optimism about facing our challenges in the months and years to come.

Enjoy the day, people.

Article submitted by, snake.