Last Call: January 30, 2021-And we’re only one month into this year

Sure, I’ve exhaled. I’m not worried so much about “what the hell did he break or screw up now? I’m kind of liking boring. But, in only one month, we’ve seen an attempted coup that resulted in five deaths and numerous injuries, the House of Representatives impeaching a racist president twice, and the inauguration of a new president. Not to mention the new guy’s warp speed pen actions trying to undo and fix the mess the Racist in Chief left our country in.

Now, it’s almost a new month and as long as we keep moving forward and reversing the last administration’s horrible policies, I think we might get out of this horrible mess. It won’t happen overnight but we’ll get there. Kicking all Republicans to the curb would be the best thing to ever happen to this country but, that won’t happen, unfortunately. We still have the greed class and the ignorant class that still believes the greed class will somehow trickle down on them and they, too, will get rich. If it hasn’t happened in decades, odds are it will never happen. Educate yourselves, ignorant class.

After a week of heavy rains and wind that has my backyard looking like blown out Baghdad, it’s beautiful today and I have a taste of spring fever. So, I went to the nursery earlier and planted some spinach, radishes, and….another pomegranate tree because one’s just not enough. I almost bought a persimmon tree but they get too big and we really don’t have the room but, I keep finding new spots to plant something because I love having a yard that feeds my family and friends. Next week, it will start raining again but that’s ok because we need it. My new plants, plus the lettuce, peas, and onions I planted last weekend will love it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, News Viewers, and be safe!

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