What’s in Your Super Bowl Bowl?

I’m going to admit I’ve always been more interested in the Super Bowl menu than the game. Whether inviting a few friends over, attending a family party, or staying home in front of my own big screen, it always involves those Super Snacks. Today, it will be pretty simple, snacks for two.

The trick has always been for me to find those favorite go-to’s that I can assemble together and leave on a buffet table so I’ve still got time to watch a little of the game, and most of the commercials without being attached to the stove.

I’m starting with some Beer Cheese Dip today. I have the best tiny crockpot for this, and I don’t follow much of a recipe — but it starts with a block of cream cheese, a handful of shredded sharp cheddar, some garlic, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and a splash of light beer — although it seems like a flavor adventure to use a dark, robust beer, it has always seemed better with a light lager.

I’ve had my new air fryer since Christmas, and I’ve toyed with it enough to find the best recipe for Chicken Wings. Using fresh chicken, cut off the tip, and divide at the next joint for the meaty drummette and the flat wingette. If you prefer to rinse and dry with paper towels, make sure the chicken parts are as dry as you can get them. In a sandwich baggie, I mix about 3 big tablespoons of baking powder (NOT SODA!), and seasonings of your choice. I usually use some seasoned salt, pepper, and cayenne. Shake a couple pieces in the baggie at a time and layer across the air fryer in one layer, without crowding. I bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes, then kick it up to 400 after flipping the pieces over for an additional 14-15 minutes. They turn out crispy and perfectly done — ready to eat, or to be sauced. I like to warm up some Sweet Baby Ray’s Mild Buffalo, add a touch of butter, and a teaspoon of dry Ranch seasoning — for dipping.

In other years I’ve made chili (ooh, boy, my Hawaiian Chicken Chili is something completely different); baked garlicky Artichoke Cheese Dip; and nachos (which I’ve found have a great new crispy texture in the air fryer).

So what’s on your menu today? Do you have any secret recipes to divulge to some of your best buddies here at NewsViews?

No matter what you eat this Super Bowl Sunday, keep this in mind… Antacid sales increase about 20% after the game. One more fun fact… about 1.5 million Americans call in sick to work on Monday morning.

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