Bill Cassidy Faces Backlash for Approving Impeachment He Called a ‘Show Trial’

The Louisiana GOP said it was ‘profoundly disappointed’ over Cassidy’s “yay” vote yesterday to the question of whether or not impeachment of a president no longer in office is Constitutional.

Cassidy defended his decision Tuesday, arguing that House impeachment managers made a better case than Trump’s defense, which he said did “a terrible job.”

On Tuesday, Republican Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy was one of six Republicans who voted to affirm the constitutionality of holding an impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump. Cassidy was quickly criticized for his vote, especially since he called the impeachment “a show trial” in a February 7 interview.

For instance, shortly after his vote, The Republican Party of Louisiana announced it was “profoundly disappointed” with it. Other right-leaning Twitter users called him a “traitor” and threatened to vote him out of office.

On Tueday, the Democratic-led Senate voted 56 to 44 to reject an argument from Trump’s attorneys that it was unconstitutional to try a former president. Previous to Tuesday’s vote, only five Senate Republicans had voted on January 27 to declare the impeachment trial as constitutional. Cassidy’s Tuesday vote adds him with those five, though he has said his Tuesday vote doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily vote to convict Trump.

Source: Newsweek and Politico