Free Range Free Chat

Happy Presidents Day, a great day to start our new Monday Free Chat dedicated to animals, pets or wild, and I’m celebrating animals back in the White House, especially the newest addition, a cat named Winston in the Biden household, much needed (I’m sure!) to teach those dogs who’s in charge and who is not. . . .

Today we’re looking at presidents pets, but its a free chat, so fill us in on your own pet stories, animal fascinations, crazy ideas and all that make up this News Views Republic of Animals.

BTW, Gifs, photos, memes, tweets and video clips are fine, just make sure video clips are short enough so they’ll be watched– no more than a minute or two– but the best of the best? Your comments, stories, theories and insights—- so animal lovers of NV– whatcha got?

New Biden rescue cat Winston
Clintons: Socks and Buddy
Bo takes a Ride
George H.W. Bush and Millie with her puppies, one of which was adopted by W. and named Spot Fletcher
Sully, George Sr. service dog, receives statue but would rather have Dad back. . . .
Another of W’s dogs, Barney
Susan Ford and Siam
LBJ’s Beagles, Him and Her, take the entire West Wing for a walk
The Kennedys pet pony Macaroni
Teddy Roosevelt’s One Legged Rooster
Woodrow Wilson’s Sheep and lawn mowers
Rebecca, the Coolidge’s Racoon, who ran away eventually
Socks tolerates picture day
Lucky takes Reagan and Margaret Thatcher for a walk
Nixon’s dogs love him anyway– Pasha, Vicky and King Timahoe
FDR and Fala, The Informer. Where Fala was, there was FDR…..
Herbert Hoover’s Possum Billy
Teddy Roosevelt’s son Archibald with a present from Dad, pet badger Josiah
Champ and Major

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