Trump whines about missing being president, lies about the election, and won’t commit to running in 2024

Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly tried getting Trump to say if he would run again in 2024. Trump replied:

“It’s too early to say, but I see a lot of great polls out there.”

“We have tremendous support. I won’t say yet [if I’m running again], but I have tremendous support, and I’m looking at poll numbers that are through the roof. … I’m the only guy who gets impeached and my numbers go up.”

The Hill:

Real Clear Politics presents Trump’s favorability rate post presidency. He appeals to the worst of the worst and that is pretty much it.

Trump also droned on about how he misses being president and all these bigly deals ihe had in the works but…the election was stolen from him so, he could not complete them.

Watch the brief interview below:

He also alluded to starting his own social media platform since Facebook and Twitter have ‘cancelled’ him indefinitely.

Bigly followers!

Not only did Trump appear on Newsmax, he did the whole Wing Nut tour and spoke briefly on Fox ‘News’ and OAN. According to ‘sources,’ Trump was advised to steer clear of “directly mentioning the voting software companies that had been at the heart of his most deranged voter fraud lies” because that could lead to even more legal problems for the FORMER president.

Daily Beast:

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