Throwback Thursday: March 11, 2020-WHO Declares COVID-19 a Pandemic

One year ago today, the WHO Declares COVID-19 a Pandemic and it’s been one long and one hell of a year since that day. All of our lives have changed in some form. Some of us lost loved ones and could not tell them good-bye; some of us became ill; some of us just stayed locked down in place only to leave our homes for necessities and only if we had to.

Some of us have not hugged our loved ones or even seen them in eons; we don’t want to get them ill. Some of us did not get to see their son graduate from law school or attend his wedding (and I like this daughter-in-law) because there was no graduation and the wedding consisted of the bride, groom, Justice of the Peace, and some fill-in, or stand-by witnesses. We all missed an entire year and god only knows how much our kids have missed.

So, on this day, please think about the 529K American lives lost to this horrible disease. We all know it couldn’t and shouldn’t have been this way. But personally, I see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. We are moving forward, although morons in several moronic states still don’t take the pandemic seriously even though, we have a few variants to deal with. At least, we have competent leadership who will and already has provided the resources we need to get through it. What a difference a president makes, that’s for sure.

I know where I was on this day; arguing with my husband about the severity of the virus. He got it, finally, but it took the NBA announcing it would cancel its season. Seriously, that’s what it took for him to say out loud, “Ohhhh, shit.” Yeah, “Ohhhhh, shit.” 🙄

For me, it was being glued to the news and a doctor’s appointment I had before this sucky day. At the end of a follow-up appointment for my first hand surgery, my doctor told me to be safe and careful because there was this ‘weird pneumonia’ floating around that they really didn’t know much about. But, he said it was highly contagious and could result in hospitalization or even death; that was, I believe, in the latter part of February.

Fast forward a few weeks, we were all sent home from work, unless deemed essential. Our kids began distant learning; we went to the stores to stock up on supplies only to find there were no supplies to buy and life changed for all of us. We were just talking about how the city police would walk by all the businesses up the street from us and shine their lights in the windows just to make sure they were closed as ordered to do so.

But besides remembering the 529K Americans and 2.62M people who have died worldwide from COVID-19, share your experience, how you reacted, what you felt the day our world forever changed.

Just a friendly reminder: Yes, there is a light, a glimmer, but a light at the end of tunnel; however, we’re so not out of the woods. Be safe…don’t be Texas; be safe and continue to wear a mask, even double up, and practice social distancing. You don’t have to drink bleach; that’s far from safe. 😇

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