It’s 5:00 Somewhere

We are likely to hear a lot about Daylight Savings Time this weekend, which occurs early Sunday morning when my circadium rhythm will be working at maximum efficiency to restore my body and soul.

I love clocks, so I have plenty of them. At least one in each room of my home. Part of the reason is that I find clocks fit well in the decoration of a home, and when I wander into a department store’s home department, I am drawn to the clocks on display. It’s also part of my nature to always aim to be on time — not early, not late, but ON TIME. I mean, who enjoys waiting patiently? And on Sunay morning, it will be part of my routine to wander around resetting all of those clocks.

It’s a little crazy why we have to do this. Here’s how it came about.

It seems there is a bipartisan group of Senators who are trying to make this Sunday the last time we have to do this with a proposed “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021,” which would keep us permanently on Daylight Savings Time.

The concept seems so abstract to even call this “Daylight Savings” when there is no saving of daylight. And even if there were, who would want to save it? I’d much rather spend it — spending as much daylight as possible seems like a central goal for me.

Come what may, this is our last 5:00 Somewhere at true 5:00, as next Friday we will be saving or spending daylight, however you choose to look at it.

Just the same, I will raise my glass to the impending First Day of Spring, which is March 20, and that is something to celebrate!


Time without courage
And time without fear
Is just wasted, wasted
Wasted time
Time why you punish me