Talko Tuesday: Just enjoy

We put up several free chat style threads, like this one, throughout the week to let you guys just talk. What I’m asking that you don’t do is ‘just talk’ on threads that are not free chat style threads; post about the topic on threads like missed headlines, Live Discussion, regular news threads, etc. Sure, friendly banter is fine, but keep it to a minimum and get it all out of your system on the free chat threads. Thanks–it’s just gotten a bit over the top lately.

I also want to remind people that if you disagree with a comment, that’s fine but attack the comment and not the person. We don’t need to name call, label, or get our panites in a knot. Present your case without attacking the person, please.

And…one more very important thing. DO NOT EVER use the N word or any racial or ethnic slur on this website, even in jest or to make a point. I don’t do racial or ethnic slurs and will delete any and all comments that contain them; we don’t do that here. Want to see mom come undone? Yeah, do just what I said not to do; it will not fly.

Other than that, carry on and enjoy spring!

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