Ted Nugent Asks Why We Weren’t Locked Down for ‘COVID 1 Through 18’ !

Nugent with 3 other nutters at the White House

Ted Nugent, the aging rocker with Michigan roots who performed at campaign events for former President Donald Trump, has raised a question about the COVID-19 pandemic that possibly nobody else had considered.

“You know, I guess I would ask you — because I’m addicted to truth, logic and common sense — and my common-sense meter would demand the answer to why weren’t we shut down for COVID one through 18?” Nugent asked in a 12-minute video.

Nugent, known as the “Motor City Madman,” moved to Texas from Michigan more than 18 years ago.

Detroit Free Press

In a nearly 12-minute video shared from the verified Facebook account of Ted Nugent, the musician vented his frustrations about the COVID-19 pandemic, while amplifying conspiracy theories, in a bizarre rant.

Much of the information included in Nugent’s social media rant was misleading and rife with misinformation.

For example, Nugent went echoed erroneous claims that numbers of reported COVID-19 deaths have been exaggerated (we fact-checked similar claims here, here, and here) and questioned whether the 500,000 total death count was accurate. (As of this writing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed more than 539,000 associated deaths in the U.S.) Nugent also claimed that COVID-19 is “99.8% survivable” (False) and questioned why there were no shutdowns for other pandemics like the so-called Spanish Flu of 1918 (In fact, there were many.)


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