Pastor Rick Wiles Says Fauci Should Be Waterboarded Until He Admits to Working With China to Create COVID !


Rick Wiles, the pastor of the Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida, regularly makes controversial and inflammatory statements. In March 2020, he made highly anti-Semitic remarks, claiming that God was “spreading” COVID-19 in synagogues as punishment for Jews opposing “his son, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Last week on Trunews, Wiles said the following:

“You’re a liar!” Wiles said, directing his remarks at Fauci in the episode last Thursday. “You know what you did, Fauci. You worked with the Chinese Communist Party for years. And you used our own taxpayer money to work on a coronavirus with bats. And you did it behind our backs, deceiving the American people, and you participated in the creation of this virus.”

Wiles said that Fauci “should be taken to Guantánamo Bay and waterboarded” until he coughs up “the truth.” Fauci must also give the names of “the other traitors who have helped China damage the United States of America with this virus,” the pastor said. Right Wing Watch first reported Wiles’ remarks.

Wiles said that “We’ve been sold out by traitors inside America”.


No scripture and/or proselytizing.

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