Video Shows Officers Who Dislocated Elderly Woman’s Shoulder Fist-Bumping and Laughing

“Ready for the pop? Here comes the pop,”arresting Officer  Hopp can be heard saying in the video.

73 year-old Karen Garner, a 73-year-old Colorado woman with dementia walked out of a Walmart last June without paying for $13 worth of items. Walmart Employees took her back in the store and took the items away. She offered to pay was refused by the store.

She was arrested by Loveland Colorado police while walking home.

The cops fractured the woman’s arm and dislocated her shoulder during the arrest, her family has said, and it’s this horrific body-cam footage that the officers were caught on surveillance camera watching as Garner sat in a nearby cell for hours after her ordeal at the hands of the police.

LOVELAND, CO – April 14, 2021: A photo of Karen Garner’s arm after being arrested by the Loveland Police Department June 26, 2020. Garner was arrested by officer Austin Hopp who was assisted by Daria Jalali while she was walking home from Walmart, where she allegedly had left the store without paying for her items. Store employees got her back inside and took the items, but would not let Garner pay for them. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Shielke and the Life and Liberty Law Office)

“Ready for the pop?” Officer Hopp said to Officer Jalali and another officers while they gathered round to watch the footage of the violent arrest. “What popped?” another officer asked. “I think it was her shoulder,” Hopp replied. These comments can be heard at 48:30 in the below video.

Garner’s family filed a federal lawsuit against the police officers earlier in April. Garner’s attorney, Sarah Schielke said Monday that two more officers have been added as defendants in the suit, alleging they knew that Garner was hurt but didn’t give her medical care for six hours while she was in custody.

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