Arkansas Lawmaker Barricaded Himself in Kevin McCarthy’s Bathroom With Sword During Capitol Siege !

Crouched on the toilet !

After the House chamber was evacuated on Jan. 6, Mr. McCarthy retreated to his Capitol office with a colleague, Representative Bruce Westerman, Republican of Arkansas. When it became evident the rioters were breaking in, Mr. McCarthy’s security detail insisted he leave. But Mr. Westerman was left behind in Mr. McCarthy’s inner work area, he said in a recent interview.

For protection, Mr. Westerman said he commandeered a Civil War sword from an office display, barricaded himself in Mr. McCarthy’s private bathroom and waited out the siege while crouched on the toilet.

Friends describe the post-election period as traumatic for Mr. McCarthy, who publicly perpetuated the fiction that Mr. Trump had won while privately asking him to stop.

No word if Rep. Westerman felt traumatized.

NY Times

During the riot, Westerman tweeted, “Americans will always disagree on politics, but violently storming our nation’s Capitol is absolutely unacceptable. People are getting hurt. Enough.”

KATV Little Rock

Rachel Maddow explains it best. If you don’t want to watch the entire segment, come in at 1:00 or even at the 2:00 minute mark.

Who should be the next senator from California?

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