It’s 5:00 Somewhere

So this week I started planning (for real this time) a road trip for next month. Each summer we look forward to packing up the summer car and heading Up North — more a state of mind than a geographical location, ask any Michigander. A few days on one beach, to drop the top and drive a few hours away to the next destination — with fresh ice in the cooler, some freshly shaken towels to brush sand off the sandals, and lots of new music while we live out of the car and tote bags for a week.

We’re like a hybrid of Sideways and Thelma and Louise — and a dash of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, with a more contemporary version of Guy Fieri’s sweet ride. We are like homebound runaways breaking out to as many wineries as we can find, and other adventures and photo ops.

And what better than just the right tunes to help oxygenate your lungs and inhale new life into your tired, quarantined routine?

I’m so thrilled that today, approximately a month before our adventures, some NEW music dropped — a project I’ve anxiously been anticipating — Mammoth WVH’s full release. Lucky timing so that I can get some lyrics down before taking my act on the road.

What’s your idea of road tripping?

But more importantly, what’s your favorite car jam — you know, the ones you know all the words to and don’t care how loud you get because nobody can hear you singing over the volume?

Summers here can be short, I encourage you all to get out and enjoy yours. And while you’re at it, enjoy your weekend — it’s here and it’s 5:00 Somewhere.