Free Chat Friday, Week 26

Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee

Happy Friday, News Viewers, welcome to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Chat. . . . . That reminds me, Independence Day is coming up and I wonder, is this nation Independent? On July 4, we celebrate our Independence from the systems of rule which kept humans from flourishing– the poor stayed poor and the rich got richer; a king who was completely off his rocker told half the world when to jump, how high, and where to go to church afterward to present payment towards forgiveness and entry into heaven.

Gosh. Thank goodness we have sacrificed, bled, died to gain independence from THAT, right? (that’s a big SARC, first thing on a Friday morning) Time to right this tipping boat–what works? sharing ideas and putting the good ones into action and doing it all in a community like this one where the chatting is free, the jokes are funny, the ideas are brilliant and we’re all above average (oh wait, that’s Lake Woebegone, my bad)

However, I’m not to far off — and I think we’ve got a lot to talk about, lots of good ideas, and it all falls under that question I’ve been asking this July 4. . . . .are we an Independent nation? If so, independent from what? If not, are we independent from the best things or dependent on the worst? It’s Friday, let’s talk about it, ALL of it…..

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