Last Call: Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, everyone. Thank you all for promoting democracy, stamping out fascism, and being the real Patriots our wing nut brethren could never dream of ever truly being. Hope everyone enjoys the holiday and stays safe and healthy.

Now for a few ‘housekeeping’ issues: AGAIN: Please remain on topic and keep the banter to a minimum on our regular/news threads. We offer ‘free chat’ style threads throughout the week and that is where you can carry on off topic discussions with others.

We also have a policy amongst News Views’ moderators whomever took the time to post an article calls the shots on his or her own threads. If said person does not want you going off topic, posting gifs or memes unrelated to the topic, or quoting scripture, which is frowned upon on all threads, don’t do it. Please! This isn’t the first time I’ve addressed this issue but I really hope it’s the last.

And one last thing: What the hell are ‘Trump jobs?!?!’ The Former Guy had the worst job creation record since Herbert Hoover! It simply amazes me that people can be so incredibly ignorant (and filled with racist hate) to believe the Former Guy did anything good for our country. Regardless, presidents do not create jobs.

Now on to more important matters: Happy Birthday, America. I’m surprised you made it through after the Former Guy all but destroyed you.

Do you know how hard it is to find songs about the 4th of July that don’t include some tough guy who wants to put a boot up somebody’s ass? Or, Miley Cyrus in cowboy boots singing about a Party in the USA? Yeah, some real slim pickins out there.

So, funk out to the late, great James Brown:

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Welcome back, America!