Wing Nut Watch: Their Deplorable Response to the Capitol Police Officers’ Testimonies

From the Pukes at Parler:

Following Tuesday’s emotional testimonies from four Capitol Police officers, Wing Nuts ramped up their hate and deplorable behavior.

Below are videos, snippets, tweets, and headlines from Wing Nuts and their media outlets of choice on how they reacted to the officers’ testimonies:

Let’s begin with one of the loudest and most inane members of Congress, Gym Jordan. Surprisingly, Jordan’s comments are tame in nature compared to other Wing Nuts and their media outlets of choice and he finally admits to talking with The Former Guy on January 6, 2021.

Now let’s Fact Check Rep. Jordan:

  • Not only has Jordan accused Speaker Pelosi of “failing to protect the U.S. Capitol from the attack on Jan. 6, claiming she ignored warnings about potential threats and denied a request to bring in reinforcements from the National Guard” but so has Leader McCarthy and his sidekick, Elise Stefanik.
  • The Facts: “The accusations that Pelosi was aware of intelligence reports of a potential threat to the Capitol on Jan. 6, or that she turned down a request for reinforcements from the National Guard, have never been backed by proof.”
  • The Washington Post offers more detailed information on “three key players, Steven A. Sund, the U.S. Capitol Police chief; Paul D. Irving, the House sergeant-at-arms, and Michael C. Stenger, the Senate sergeant-at-arms who all resigned under pressure over their handling of the events that occurred on January 6, 2021.

Pedo McForehead took to Fox to voice his opinions on the officers’ testimonies.

The worst of the worst laughs at Officer Fanone’s testimony:

Laura Ingraham Attacks Capitol Police Officers’ Testimony With Mocking ‘Best Performance’ Awards

You own this, Wing Nuts.

Wow, just wow! Please take a listen.

Fox News guest Julie Kelly called Fanone a crisis actor.

Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Suggests Black Capitol Police Officer Lied About Being Called ’N*****’ on January 6:

But, you can watch Newsmax 24/7 on one of the web’s shittiest of Shitholes, Stay Tuned!

Please feel free to share your own headlines, video clips, etc. of Wing Nuts behaving deplorably after Tuesday’s hearing.

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