It’s 5:00 Somewhere

My Twitter feed has alerted me to plenty of sad news from the world of music recently. This week alone, Twitterverse counted three deaths in the rock and roll sphere.

Two lesser knowns, Mike Howe, singer of Metal Church, and Joey Jordison, drummer with Slipknot, died on Monday, July 26.

I remember thinking that day that bad news travels in threes.

And so the next day it was Dusty Hill of ZZ Top who fulfilled the prophecy at the age of 72. He died in his sleep.

Only ten days previously on July 17, the news came of the death of Robby Steinhardt, violinist and vocalist with Kansas. Steinhardt died after a bout with pancreatitis found him on life support. He recovered well enough to be sent to a rehab center, but a second bout of sepsis took his life at the age of 71.

A few more who passed this spring and summer include rapper Biz Markie (who had a hit in 1989 called “Just a Friend”); Sebastian Bach’s replacement in Skid Row, Johnny Solinger, who died at 55 of liver failure; B.J. Thomas who sang “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”; and one more — I’m curious if anyone remembers.

Les McKeown, 65, lead singer of a band named The Bay City Rollers died in April of undisclosed causes. The Rollers were a Scottish group who said they took their name after throwing a dart at a map and it landed on Bay City, Michigan.

Here’s a “glorious recording” in 16-track (well, sort of), with a bonus introduction from Wolfman Jack.

So once again, we give thanks for so much music that remains immortal, giving us time to pause and remember days gone by and the places they transport us to.

Raise your glass to these music-makers, and share your musical memories with us on this Friday at 5:00 Somewhere.


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