Georgia Grand Jury Declines to Indict 15-Year-Old

Who ‘Had Enough of His Father Abusing His Mother’ and Opened Fire with a Rifle

A 15-year-old from Columbia County in Georgia will not be indicted with murder for shooting his abusive father in the head and killing him, a grand jury decided on Wednesday. Tucker Gales did not dispute that he shot 66-year-old Wesley Jordan Gales in the head with a .22-caliber rifle back in October 2020. The younger Gales said that the reason he did it was that “he had enough of his father abusing his mother.”

Wesley Gales’ history of domestic violence and abuse, against both his son and ex-wife, was well-documented. For instance, there was a reported incident where Wesley Gales allegedly threatened to shoot his son in the head and “kicked his ex-wife in the groin area,” as The Augusta Chronicle put it. As recently as May 2020 and just months before he was shot, Wesley Gales pleaded guilty to domestic abuse and child cruelty charges.

“The police visited the home multiple times since 2011. No action was taken to remove this family from the danger in the home. He pleaded for help on multiple occasions and the system failed him,” said Emily Martinez, the organizer of the GoFundMe campaign. “It’s a sad day because this child had to take matters into his own to hands to defend and protect him and his mom.”


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