S.D. Gov. Noem Says She’s Putting Prayer Back in Schools

In July,  Noem spoke at an event in Iowa, where she told conservatives she doesn’t recognize the United States anymore. “When I grew up, people were proud to have a job,” the governor said. “They weren’t confused on the difference between boys and girls. We prayed in schools – which by the way, in South Dakota, I’m putting prayer back in our school.”

The South Dakotan took a similar message to a conservative outlet called Real America’s Voice, arguing yesterday that Americans should look at officials’ actions to determine whether they “line up with the word of God” and “see if they’re Biblical.”

“We’ve seen our society, our culture, degrade as we’ve removed God out of our lives…. When I was growing up, we spent every Sunday, every night, every Wednesday night in church. Our church family was a part of our life. We read the Bible every day, as a family, together…. I don’t know if families do that as much anymore, and those Biblical values are learned in the family, and they’re learned in church…. We in South Dakota have decided to take action to really stand for Biblical principles…. I have legislation I’ll be proposing this year that will allow us to pray in schools again.”

The governor, wholly indifferent to the separation of church and state, added that an emphasis on “Biblical principles” will help “re-center” children who attend public schools.


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