Ambulance Pulling “Trump Unity Bridge” Involved in Multi-Car Accident

One Michigan resident insists on spreading the message of Trump by crossing the country with a “Trump Unity Bridge,” a 30-foot float hauled by an ambulance.

The float has signs reading “All Lives Matter,” “Build The Wall,” and “Make America Great Again” — all great messages of unity! — and has become a familiar sight at events across the state of Michigan, including protests at the state capitol and rallies.

Rob Cortis, of Livonia, Michigan, was crossing an intersection in Flint with his Unity Bridge after attending an event opposing high school mask mandates. Another car ran a red light and crashed into the ambulance, sending Cortis straight into a telephone pole.

“At least everyone was safe and no one was seriously hurt,” Cortis said, noting one woman was taken away in an ambulance after experiencing chest pain, but there were no serious injuries.

Another vehicle in the crash was driven by another resident from Livonia, Jason Bright. Crazy enough, he seems like a Trump supporter, too.

Jason Bright

Cortis has seen trouble before while hauling his piece of art around. Last November his ambulance and Unity Bridge were impounded and he was arrested with an outstanding warrant for disturbing the peace.

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