Kenneth Copeland: I Need My Private Jet Because Airlines Want Me to Take the ‘Mark of the Beast’

Right-wing televangelist Kenneth Copeland is begging viewers to send him cash to support his private jet so he won’t have to deal with coronavirus vaccine mandates to travel, which he called “the mark of the beast.”

“The time has come for ministries, particularly traveling ministries, to have some other method of travel other than the airlines,” Copeland said.

“You get into this situation — we’re not gonna let you fly unless you’re vaccinated. Well, to me, that’s the Mark of the Beast.”

Copeland, who owns a fleet of private jets and an airport, also griped that he needs to fly privately because too many people want to talk to him on commercial flights. 

In 2016, DeadState published a story featuring evangelical ministers Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis having a discussion about how they talk to God regularly while on private jets — conversations that would be impossible while riding in coach.

Copeland said: “commercial airline travel was impossible for preachers in a “dope filled world” and that riding coach was like “getting in a long tube with a bunch of demons.” And “private jets “are sanctuary that protect the anointed.”

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