Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Into Screaming Match with Debbie Dingell on the Capitol Steps

A group of House Democrats were gathered on the steps of the Capitol on Friday when Marjorie Taylor Greene began heckling them.

The Democrats were holding an event touting Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda, when Marjorie started in with, “You should all be ashamed.”

Dingell responds:  “You should practice the basic thing you’re taught at church — respect your neighbors!”

Debbie Dingell has faced political bullying before, memorably by the Bully-In-Chief himself, Donald Trump, and has called for civility.

In December of 2019, Trump suggested at a rally in Michigan that Debbie Dingell’s recently deceased husband John might be looking up from hell, when she responded with civility and grace.

Dingell responded with more civility when Trump’s brother Robert died in 2020.